Executive Webinar: How To Unlock Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Investment for Social Selling [Recording]

July 20, 2017 George Albert

Congratulations. You’ve just purchased LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your sales team. This is a great investment but does your team know how to fully leverage the tool?

You might be surprised to hear many companies are only using LinkedIn at half capacity. Which is why we've gathered leaders from global companies like Juniper Networks to discuss strategies on implementing this popular tool for social selling.

In this webinar recording, Amar Sheth (VP, Customer Success, Sales for Life), Christian Obando (Director of Inside Sales EMEA, Juniper Networks) and Cliff Unger (VP of Sales) share with you insights on:

- How to maximize LinkedIn Sales Navigator for social selling
- How to adopt social selling into your current sales process
- How to open new doors with people and start conversations

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How To Unlock Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Investment
How To Unlock Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Investment

Leverage Navigator beyond its basic functions to hit your sales targets.