10 Habits Of Highly Effective Social Sellers [Infographic]

October 15, 2015

Habits are the behaviors ingrained into our daily routine and into the very system of who we are. They are actions repeated on a consistent basis to the point where they become second nature. Once a habit is formed, it's very hard to break.

Social sellers are no strangers to good habits. A lot has been said about the skills and tools that the top performing social sellers should consider as part of their routine. But what about the habits they repeat on a consistent basis? What habits have been so ingrained into the fabric of the ideal social sellers that make them succeed?

From productive time management to relationship building, the social sellers who have exceeded their goals have also shared many of these similar traits. After training over 50,000 sales professionals on Social Selling, here are the top 10 habits that make them succeed. Take a look below at our latest infographic!

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