It's A Buyer Funnel, Not A Sales Process [Infographic]

November 11, 2015

Your buyers have typically completed 57% of their process before actively engaging with Sales. So what are you doing to help them along their journey? The modern buyer is online using search engines, doing their due diligence, joining online communities, on social media to become better informed about their challenges and potential solutions. Your buyers know what they're looking for and if not, they have the power of copious amounts of knowledge available at their fingertips.

How is your organization meeting the modern buyer? Have you shifted your processes from sales-focused to buyer-centric? This infographic by Lenati (with data from CEB, IDC, DemandGen, among others) describes the reality of the modern buyer and how this has shifted the way companies market and sell in 2016 and beyond. And to learn how you can shift your company to meet the modern buyer, register for our webinar on aligning marketing and sales to accelerate revenue here.

The Demise Of The Sales Process

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